Linking issue

I have a scout with an incorrect parent linked. I’m no longer able to connect parents because the tool requires a BSA id.

133320967 is the older brother of 134827830. They share the same father, but the older’s brothers mother connection is correct. I can’t tell who the younger brother is connected to. Can you make the younger match the older?

THank you!

PS: Also, I can’t check the profiles of parents of scounts any more. I get an internet advancement error.


You need to contact your council to have the incorrect parent removed. They can do so with VST.

@GoodloeWhite It looks like both of these Scouts are registered in your troop.

You can use the Connection Manager in Scoutbook to add a connection. Then go to the [Scout]'s Connections page and update the connection type to parent / guardian.

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