Parent Connection did not translate on multiple applications

I have approx 6 applications approved in the last week that the parent connection did not generate when they ported over to Scoutbook. When I try to manually add the parent as a connection and search using their email the only name that shows is the youth name. The other 6 applications I processed after these seem to be fine.

I got two fixed as parents are leaders so it was just adding the parent connection. The other four as as follows.

Parent / Guardian Member ID
Applicant Member ID

Parent / Guardian Member ID
Applicant Member ID

Parent / Guardian Member ID
Applicant Member ID

Parent / Guardian Member ID
Applicant Member ID

Very interested in the outcome here. I have 10 instances of this bug.

I also am interested in the outcome. I have 8 instances of this bug. It’s strange because I had 3 applications were the parent connection worked

The developers are aware of the issue.

Is there nothing to be done but wait? I see other posts of the same issue, where Scoutbook User Advisory council folks have made the connection for the unit.

@TravisMiller If you can wait, I am hopeful that the developers will have a fix very soon. But if you can’t wait, ping me and I will try to assist.

I have no idea how to ping you.

@TravisMiller I have added the connections. You’ll need to modify the connection types to parent/guardian

In the forums, if you use this symbol: @ and then add someone’s user name, they will get a notification that you mentioned them. For example:


patience does pay… This afternoon I have all but 1 parent get connected with “import by Member update” :slight_smile: thanks for addressing the issue


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

Thank you, when I went to do that they were already selected as parent/guardian.

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I had a similar issue. The parent was able to link with one of their children, but not the other. It turned out, the way to fix it for me was to add the child connection through the parent account instead of trying to add the parent through the child’s account.

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