Scouts connection to parent not working

I am having trouble connecting more than one Scout to their parent because when I search for the parent, I get a message that says “Leader try again.” The Scouts in question is SB# 12126115/BSA# 137454972 () and SB# 12126097/BSA# 137454933 (). Both Scouts should be connected to their parents XXXXX and XXXXX. To complicate matters more, the mother has two accounts, and one of them is misspelled (spelling above is the accurate one). Need help adding father () to account as it won’t let me connect him, and then need to merge (misspelled) with . The mother is also a new Scout leader, and her application should be coming through. So I want to get this corrected now.

If the mother is in your unit, she may already have a connection to the scout and you’d just have to add the parent/guardian connection type. If not, use connections manager to add one and then change the type.

Have the parent add their child through their adult account rather than trying to add the parent to the child’s account. I had the same problem.

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