Parent entered wrong name for scout

I have a parent that completed an online application. I believe that this parent put the wrong first name for the scout. On the sign-up night they were at the child’s name is Alexander but on the application it is Julio. What are the steps to get this fixed.

Can I still import him into the correct den?

@MarcellaRamos - once the correct name is established it would be something for the council registrar to handle.

You will need to contact your council registrar to get his record updated. Once his name is corrected by the registrar, you can correct it in Scoutbook by going to My Dashboard → Administration → Pack X → Pack Roster → Scout → Edit Profile.

Note he needs to be registered with his legal name. There is a nickname field in the Scout’s profile in Scoutbook that can be used if, for example, his legal name is Alexander but he goes by Julio.

You can place him in the proper den and mark advancement before his name is corrected.