Please change incorrect name

For a recently registered Scout (Tiger), her dad is her adult partner. Mom was also added as a connected parent in Scoutbook, so she could download the app and get event reminder emails. Unfortunately, I gave mom the wrong first name. I used her daughter’s name instead. Internet Advancement won’t let me fix it, and my council registrar cannot fix it either, since it is an unregistered person.

Scout: N. (Tiger)

Nora’s BSA ID: 140567930

Adult Partner: J. (dad)

Jim’s BSA ID: 140567922

Mom’s incorrect first name: N.

Mom’s correct first name: B.

Mom’s BSA ID: 140569321

Thanks for your help.


@PeterHopkins We don’t have a way to change this directly.

If you can get the parent to log in, she might be able to change it herself in Internet Advancement by clicking on “Profile” (on the left side of the screen).

Alternatively, she could create a new account at my.scouting using her correct name and DOB. We could merge them afterwards.

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