Parent is seeing and approving rank advancement without authorization

How is parent marking leader approved on son’s rank advancements without authorization. Forum says button is not visible to parents, yet here we are.


Is the parent also a leader in your unit? Parents who are leaders are able to approve advancement. The best solution is to educate the adults that if their role in the unit does not include approving advancement, they should not click the leader approved box.

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She is a merit badge counselors and a commitee member.
Is there a way to verify how she has the ability to mark “leader approved?”

If she is a committee member in the unit then she has the ability. Not sure what you mean by “verify”

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So commitee members have the authority to mark something “leader approved”?

Committee Members have the Ability in Scoutbook - the Authority is determined by the Unit leader and needs to be communicated to other leaders if they Should or Should NOT mark Approved.

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Okay. Thanks. Hoping there was a setting that could be chaned.

To clarify, as a Parent/Guardian, the adult has irrevocable Full Control permissions to the scout in Scoutbook. Normally, a Parent/Guardian connection would not be able to Leader Approve anything, but they could mark it Completed. Since they are also a registered scouter in the unit in this case, that Full Control includes the ability to Leader Approve.

For a registered scouter who is not also the parent/guardian of a particular scout, a Scoutbook unit admin can set the permissions based on unit policy to restrict Leader Approval capabilities to only those registered scouters who should have it per unit policy (plus any Unit Admins, all Key 3 and Key 3 delegates, who have Full Control permissions to all scouts as a by product of their respective positions).

Thank you for the information. I understand now.

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