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Parental permissions

I’ve been informed that parents now have full control of their scouts in SB.
I don’t know if scouters were queried regarding this ‘enhancement ‘. However, it has already caused extra work for our leaders as some parents are checking off rank requirements without sufficient experience and without speaking to either a senior scout or scouter.
I and other leaders we’ve spoken with would prefer that this is a view-only feature. At least with respect to advancement and merit badge requirements.

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Michael McCarthy
Troop 487
Safety Harbor, Fl

The BSA has decided that all parents have irrevocable full control over their children’s accounts. In that way the parent can make changes to personal information and move the Scout to other units when needed. Bear in mind that parents’ full control in NOT the same as leaders’ full control. Parents who are not also leaders in the unit cannot approve or award advancement. When an item is marked as “Completed” in Scoutbook, that means that the Scout is ready to be tested. The Scoutmaster (or Scoutmaster’s designee) “signs off” in the Handbook in the columns marked “Leader Initial & Date”. The equivalent step in Scoutbook is when a leader in the unit marks an item as “Approved”. Parents (who are not also leaders in the unit) cannot mark any items in Scoutbook as “Approved”. Leaders in the unit need to be educated that they should not be marking any items as “Approved” in Scoutbook if it is not their role in the unit to do so.

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Thanks for the clarification Jennifer.

I still would prefer that the advancement section be view-only as it was working just fine before. Personal information I have no issue with. That being said, we’ll work with it I suppose. Although it would have been nice if unit leaders were queried prior to that decision being made.

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I agree to the OP position , in my opinion, When the BSA made scoutbook free, they decided they wanted to set the direction of many things and no longer cared what the user base asked for. I have seen many SUAC members post the exact same response to this question.
When I am a paying customer of a product, I have more rights to get changes made that the customer wants. when it is free, I get what I pay for.

Ehh… Nobody’s making you use Scoutbook. If you dislike it enough, you’re free to use another tool to manage your troop.


wow, no one ever thought of that, thanks for your insight @SteveCagigas

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