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Parent approval of advancement; marking leader approved

Scoutbook still allowing parents to mark advancement as leader approved. Jan 2021, anyone else having issues or know how to fix?

Cub scouts or scouts bsa?

Scouts BSA, I have tried to check all other settings, permissions, etc.and it occurred with committee members and non registered parents both

Tonight was a committee member marking leader approved for own scout

Scoutbook treats all registered leaders the same as far as approving advancement is concerned. We’d like to see a more granular approach to this, but that’d require a major change to the permissions system. Usually talking to people about expectations is enough.

On the non-registered parents, do they have an adult leader connection to their child, or is it parent/guardian only? Specifically, what did they approve?

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Can you provide the BSA Member ID of the Scout that had a non-registered parent approve advancement and what was approved? We will look into it. We do not need the Scout’s name.

It has been maybe 8 -12 mo ago, parent approved advancement and camping activity.
I removed at that time. The same parent will be a registered adult once we recharter in a few weeks


The issue with non-registered parents being able to approve advancement for Scouts was fixed since you last saw the issue.

I suggest you council this parent who will be a leader soon that they should not check the Leader Approved box unless that is their role in the unit.