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Parent log in taking to my. Scouting

I have a parent that whenever she logs in at http://scoutbook.scouting.org/ it takes her to my.scouting.org. she wants to make a payment on her son’s account but cannot even see it. Thoughts?

I have seen posts from people in the past that say this, but so think most of us think there is more to it. Have you watched her login?

When you first suggested this I thought it was silly but now that I have watched her log in, I understand why.

She was logging into the correct place but when it takes you to the homepage, she was not selecting dashboard, she was selecting my scouting homepage. To someone who hasn’t used the she before, that makes sense. It was a good reminder to me that 1) I had to learn how to use Scoutbook at one time and forgot doing that, and 2) Just because you send out a link on information how to use Scoutbook, doesn’t mean people will actually go to it. :crazy_face:



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