My.scouting home page link

my.scouting home page link not working for this account, please reconnect, thank you

@TriciaGraham - i do not understand. Could you explain further

When you initially sign into Scoutbook, one of the options to click is “my.scouting home page”… it was working, taking me straight to my account/profile/training info in the my.scouting web site, but somehow it got disconnected and wants me to login again… I’d like it fixed to take me directly to my info like it was previously doing. Thank you.

@TriciaGraham - and im not sure what you want to do

It is working for me. Are you logging in at: ?

And then clicking on “my.Scouting Home Page” ?

@JenniferOlinger yes, that is exactly what I’m doing and it’s not working

@JenniferOlinger It updated and is working now. Thanks so much for your help!

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