Parent of 2 scouts - activity log link goes to only 1 scout

Parent of 2 Scouts clicks on the Activity Logs link in Scoutbook for each scout (one in 624B, one in 624G), and both links open the Activity Log for the scout in 624B. As a leader, it works for me to click on each of their activity logs and it opens the correct scout’s log. Parent is appropriately connected to both scouts in Scoutbook. What am I missing to check?

@AudreyReed - the scout program icon in the upper right next to the login name. If they click on that does it present a drop down ?

Based on a previous response from them, I believe they can, but I’ll confirm.

@AudreyReed - they have to do that to switch from one scout to the other. The same is true if just one scout but in multiple units.

That was basically my response to them and they pushed back. I do understand their confusion - I have 2 scouts as well in the same B/G configuration and when I click on each of their Activity Logs link from Scoutbook it goes to the appropriate scout’s activity log in IA.