Activity Log account tracking the same between two family members

I am a parent of two scouts and when I am on My Dashboard in Scoutbook, I select son #1 under Family. I am able to view and update his Advancement and Leadership BUT when I click on Activity Logs it takes me to my other sons Activity Logs page.
When I go to the Scouting App, I see the recent Leadership entries we entered for son #2 are also showing up in son #1’s Profile under the Program Leadership section. Interestingly though, when I go to son #1’s Activities in the App, the My Service Logs are accurate.
I’m using a laptop with Windows 11 and iphone.

@KellyLorenz - there is a selection option in internet advancement . In the upper right please click on the icon and see if a list is presented. This will be in There should also be a selection choice in the scouting app.

Thank you for the reply.
Things are working now, perhaps an updated needed to be done or something. I am familiar with the icon so will keep that in mind if an issue arises in the future.