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Parent/Scout account

I have made my parent account for scoutbook successfully. My question is do I also need to make a separate account for my Son and then link them together somehow?

Any assistance would be great.

Kent Nelson

If you are a parent but not a leader in any unit you can create a Scoutbook account. If you have ever logged into you already have an account, the (MyST) credentials can be used to log into Scoutbook. BSA automatically creates all Leader and Scout accounts in Scoutbook. I also find that all Lion and Tiger parents are also created by the BSA system when the Scout’s application is put into the system. You will need a Unit admin (usually Key 3) from your Scout’s unit to connect your Parent account to your Scout’s account in Scoutbook. The Key 3 are the Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, Skipper depending on your unit type), the Committee Chair, and the Chartering Organization Representative. Ask your Unit Admin to search for your account by full email. I find this to be the easiest way to ensure finding your account.

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