Creation of new ScoutBook and My.Scouting accounts

I just had a brand new parent try and make a ScoutBook account to access their child (I’m a Lion parent, so we try to keep all parents involved as per the recommendations, even though all are not registered and YPT, just the Den Leaders). Anyway, it looks like when sending an invite through ScoutBook to create an account, the parent then creates a ScoutBook account, but since SSO is required, must then go and create a My.Scouting account and use that for login. I understand the process, but for a new parent and user, it was very confusing; create one login, but another new login is required (use case narrative).

Is there any way that the link for parent invites to link on ScoutBook can have new parent accounts create ONLY a My.Scouting account and save the dual account creation process? I’m just trying to think of this from the least minimal and easiest to use perspective for new Scout parents. These are good tools that we want to be easily in the hands of parents.

Parents are not required to use my.scouting credentials. If the process seems to be pointing them to, could you send screenshots?

After the initial login, there was the big red banner at the top saying as of March xxxx, all accounts have to use SSO with My.Scouting account, so the parent went ahead and created the My.Scouting account and then linked it under SSO. Very confusing. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, if the parent wants to use the Scouting app, they have to use My.Scouting credentials (or at least that’s what all the verbiage on the login screen says). All in all very disjointed for new parents versus actual registered leaders. I don’t have a screenshot, but it’s the typical red alert banner up top (announcement) that shows after login. You could understand their confusion.


Thank you for letting us know. I believe this is a bug as creation of new Scoutbook accounts should create the SSO data necessary to log in. I do not believe it creates a ID though. We will ask the developers to look into this.

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@edavignon Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to help confirm since this parent went ahead and created a My.Scouting account based on the banner notification. Wish I could help on that part.