Parent/Scout Changing Leadership Dates

We received an email from a Scout that joined our Troop in Aug 2021 (that is rapidly approaching 18) that said they and their parent had gone into Scoutbook to extend the length of a Leadership position from their previous Troop (same Council) and had the “Position Approved” green check mark removed from the entry. They asked us to approve the lengthened Leadership dates to get the position approval (green check mark) applied again. We sent a message to Council asking if that was something the Scout would need to go back to their previous Troop to verify/update but we’re thinking, since they are assigned to us now, we’d have to approve the change without actually being able to verify the dates. Has anyone else had an issue such as this? Parents and Scouts having Full Control of their Scout accounts are creating serious issues with our Troop’s ability to track and accurately report Scout Advancement.

It’s not approved, so not an issue. Aside from that, it doesn’t automatically apply to rank requirements intentionally for this reason. I’d suggest reaching out to the prior troop to verify leadership dates.

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