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Parent YPT Certificate Printing

As a Key 3 delegate and Pack Trainer is there any way for me to print the YPT completion certificates for non registered parents? I have their BSA numbers, they are in Scoutbook and the YPT date shows in the Feature Extension Report, but I can’t print a certificate to file and take to camp.

I thought I stumbled across doing this in my.scouting at one point, but after a few hours of paperwork shuffling and multiple times looking at it I can’t find it now. I can get registered leaders to print, and can run the Legacy Training Validation for the parents but can’t see a print or download certificate.



For someone that is not registered in your unit, you will need to ask them to print or create a PDF of their own training certificate. Currently there is no way to print a YPT certificate for someone who is not registered in your unit.

Kyle, if they [or you] attach the pdf they received for completing YPT to their training record in Scoutbook, then a pack admin can access it to print it.

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