Download everyone's YPT certificates

We may need to present YPT certificates for our leaders for a summer camp. Am I able to do that on behalf of everyone?

I poked around the training-related options at I do not see a way to pull anyone’s certificate. It would be nice if I could just download all certificates at once.

Our current process wastes volunteer time: ask everyone to share certificates with us upon renewal, then we store them in a third-party system.

In case it matters, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster, Key 3 Delegate, and Unit Training Chair per the unit’s Position Manager at

I hate that they ask for the stupid certificates. You can print a report, from the official system, on one page or two if you have 50 volunteers, that lists everyone registered in your unit and their date take and date expires. Now people not on that list may have to provide their own proof. But come on camps?!?!? Accept the report!

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@ArenCambre As a Key 3 Delegate and Unit Training Chair, you can use the Training Manager to get the certificates.

At my.scouting, go to the Training Manager and then:

  1. Click on “Add/Search”
  2. Click on “Search Training”
  3. Click on “Filter” to filter by Adult Leaders
  4. Click the checkbox next to the name(s) of all of the adult leaders you need certificates for (click to go to the next page as needed).
  5. Then click on “View Training”
  6. You can click on the Expiration Date section at the top to get the most recent Y01 class to come to the top (or near the top) of the list.
  7. Click on the box next to “Youth Protection Training Certification Y01” and then click on “Certificate”.
  8. Repeat for each person needed.

Good point. I am not sure we validated whether the camp would accept that.

Thank you, that works. Only 15 simple steps per certificate. :grin: (Kidding! Kidding! Well, only kind of. :grin:)

Yeah, I would be worried that when you got there they would reject it.

What would be really helpful for instances where I’ve got to do multiple adults is a bulk downloader.

So, for example, I know I can generate the REPORT with everyone’s YPT dates YPT Aging Report, but if there is a place or camp that is insisting in the actual certificates (and some do) then being able to bulk download my unit’s certs would be helpful vs. one by one.

We need to work on those camps. They need to see wheat is available and become ok with it. That likely won’t be worked in real time during checkin, but in the weeks before.

To be clear, we do not know what the camp’s rule is on this. In the “Adult Camper Paperwork” section, a list of individual items includes “Proof of YPT”. Our knee-jerk reaction is YPT-completion certificates. While it is possible the camp has no problem with that roster, it would be nice if BSA could provide a “thou shalt” about accepting YPT rosters, too.

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Agreed. That would be the right action. Our camp uses black pug and confirms registration of in council adults within the system.

But that is dependent on the council continually uploading the roster to BP

I just looked at the requirement in the Leader Guide for two Texas camps I will be attending this summer:
Camp A: “Copy of valid Youth Protection certification (Training valid for two years)”
Camp B: “Current Youth Protection Training certification (YPT Aging Report from is preferred, or YPT certificate)”
I suspect that part of the requirement (individual certificate or Aging report) is how the individual camp interprets the local state rule or law on youth camps to “prove” to state inspectors that the camp is in compliance for the adults attending camp.

ArenCambre: National probably could NOT make it “thou shall” but a “thou should” would be good due to potential conflict in local state laws or rules and/or state inspector interpretations of the local state laws or rules.

Matt.Johnson: Using Black pug works for local council adults, but what about all the non-local council adults?

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@MichaelMcGehearty - here some info from PA:

Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Act #15
All agencies and institutions who deal with youth in Pennsylvania are required to comply with the
requirements of Act 15. This is a legal requirement of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is
separate from, and in addition to, all BSA policies.
• Units from Pennsylvania: The unit is responsible to ensure that all adults who plan to say at
camp for 24 hours or more must have completed the three required clearances for volunteers.
Units from outside of Pennsylvania: Adults are not required to get the PA State Background
Checks but must ensure they are compliant with their state and Council requirements.

Non-local’s have to bring proof of YPT and registration.

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Yep. So when I go to Summer camp I a) Print out the membership cards for the adult leaders and b) print the certificates and c) stick them into my “camp book”.

While I can mass/bulk print the membership cards (Organization Manager, Roster, Print Membership Cards), I can NOT mass/bulk print the YPT certs, so I have to do it one by one.

I don’t know if membership card printing is “turned off” if YPT expires before recharter.

@Matt.Johnson If both councils use Blag Pug, then out of council units can also use the membership and YPT validation. However, it depends on the last time that each council uploaded its membership list to Black Pug.


Agreed. Was just preferring simple language, and I appreciate that there have to be exceptions.

I am not sure what this camp uses, but it is an out-of-council and out-of-state camp for us.

I don’t see anything in what you quoted that would determine whether proof has to be presented through individual certificates vs. a single, printed roster of completions.

I suspect each US state and territory will have its own requirements.

Another state with additional training and training recording requirements is the State of California. See California Scouting

I suspect a record of completing this additional training may not be stored in Training Manager.


Gut feeling is we shouldn’t be in the business of providing a comprehensive, 50-state solution. We can provide YPT, and we can have some state-by-state twists on it to meet requirements (Texas was an example for a while), but it seems expensive to properly go beyond that.

Lawyers might know more. :grin:

So to note the PA law - here it is

Trying to run a one size fits all scenario for the BSA will be an epic fail. I do not understand how folks can assume that everything is universal in the cloistered world of the BSA.