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Is there a way to print a YTP Certificate for another leader for the re-charter packet. I see in My.Scouting YTP Report that the leader completed it yesterday any way to print the certificate?

I don’t believe it is possible to print a certificate, but it is possible to print a report with the expatriation. Since this is an official report from the system, I assume it would be sufficient.

On my.scouting.org, go to Training Manager.
Select member name and click “View Training.”
Click the course for which you want a certificate (e.g. YPT)
Click the printer icon and download the certificate.

I dont follow you… When i click on training Manager it does not give me any names to click on.

I got it figured out a few steps that were not in your list.

Thanks thats great

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@DavidLafko Have you already done the electronic submission for recharter (Internet Rechartering)? If not, then you should be able to “Update Unit Roster”, which should bring in the updated YPT completion dates.

For other people who might be reading the thread:

Go to the Training Manager at my.scouting.org, then:

  1. Click on Search Training icon (looks like a magnifying glass).
  2. Click on name of adult.
  3. Click on View Training icon.
  4. Click on the Youth Protection Training Certificate.
  5. Then click on the Print Training Certificate icon (looks like a printer).

This only works for adults who are already on your official (Member Manager) unit roster.

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SO i tried that and still nothing is showing up. I have her printed certificate so i know she completed it. Will it not show up for people that are not leaders or paid as adult leaders?

She is just a parent at this point… I am curious because we are trying to get more parents to take it who are not leaders or are not paying the $44 adult leader fee so does it not track them?

I used her BSA number to search She is in My.Scouting because she was a tiger parent last year.

Since you have the certificate, does the member number match what you are searching for?

The training validation tool tracks registered and non-registered.

Yes they match the BSA Number and the Number on the Certificate all match up. There are 2 other parents in the same situation… Have their training’s but not showing up any where… again none of them are leaders in my.scouting and when i look at the YPT Reporting tool it seems to only show leaders.

The YPT Reports tool only shows leaders registered with your unit. To see the YPT status of anyone else you need to use Training Validation under Legacy Tools and search for the individual. The YPT certificate is not available via the Training Validation tool. It is only available directly from the individual. Key 3, Key 3 Delegates and training chairs can obtain training certificates for registered leaders from Training Manager under your unit.

Right but even when i can get the training validation to come up and input name or their BSA number in. Nothing comes up. Just says no records found

There were reports last week of delays in sending training data from the training center to ScoutNET. If these delays are still occurring, that would explain why you don’t see any data.

Has the individual received their training certificate via e-mail yet? You may need to send an e-mail to myscouting@scouting.org to find out why there is no record.

@edavignon Yes they all got their certificates and I saw that too but 2 of them did their training in early February so i fell like they are out of the issue date… Ok I will send an email and see whats up too.


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I am the Pack Secretary/Pack Trainer, when our leaders and parents(usually not registered) take ypt I ask them to send me their certificate by email. This is part of the instructions in our welcome/what to do next packet. Some of our non-registered parents end up taking committee positions. Once they fill out an adult volunteer application I already have a copy of their ypt to turn in with their application.
We are also chartered by a Catholic Church so we have to follow the guidelines of working with youth as established by the local Diocese. This means we have to be fingerprinted. The BSA ypt is accepted by the Diocese, so I turn in ypt certificates for the adults to keep info updated.
Our Chartered partner has a Troop too. I also help maintain ypt/training records for the Troop.

Would you mind sharing your welcome packet? We are looking at creating one but kind of lost with what to put in or not put in.

my email is david@djlprinting.com if your willing