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Parental controls

I have seen this posted but the answers shared do not match what I am seeing in Scoutbook. Parental full control is allowing the parent to mark things completed and approved. This is causing us to have merit badges marked as complete that we have no record for. The previous entry on this topic says this should not be something a parent who is not a leader can do. Can we please have a feature to take this control away from parents as things get approved that shouldn’t be yet?

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If they are not a leader in the unit, then they should not be able to marked items as approved.

Please send an e-mail to Scoutbook support at:

Please include as much identifying information as you can such as: Scout’s name, parent’s name, unit number, and council name.

Thank you! I’ll do that :slight_smile:

After you send the e-mail, you should get an automated reply with an SSD number in the subject line. If you post the SSD- number here, we can try to follow up.

Are they a leader? Even a committee member?

The mother is not. The father is. She is doing it through her parent account though, not his. It is her name appearing as the approving person.

I got the auto reply but there is no number assigned.

I think there should be a second e-mail with the SSD number in the subject.

Are they both logging in with SSO, or is the mom using her email address? I wonder if the system is misinterpreting an SSO login as leader permissions.

Are ether Merit Badge Counselors?

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