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Connections Manager - Too much access for parents

Parents have too much access imo. Editing their child’s profile is fine, but once we get into Scouts BSA, unless something has changed I’m not aware of, parents are not the ones who sign off that scouts complete requirements. Why are we not able to update parent access for their child to block this?

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Hi, @ChristopherRoeszler,

The BSA made the decision that parents would be given Full Control permissions to their scout’s accounts. We have not been given a full explanation of their reasons, but we have been told that they aren’t changing the settings. I don’t agree with the decision, but the BSA didn’t ask my opinion.

That said, Full Control for parents does not include the ability to Approve advancement. They can mark it Complete, but the BSA maintains that is functionally the same as checking the box on the left side of the advancement pages in the physical handbook. If there parent is also a leader, then they would have the ability to Approve advancement.

ETA: Corrected the auto-mistakes.

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I guess I should be grateful for small favors. Thanks for that info @CharleyHamilton!

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