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We need the ability to add a parent profile to Scoutbook, without the need to be a registered leader. Our parent volunteers help with event planning and logistics and we need them to have access to participate in the Event registration process within Scoutbook. Additionally, we want our outgoing email communications to reach all scouts and parents. This doesn’t happen in the current state of Scoutbook. Very disappointing!

@JosephJohnson11 it is simple to set up parents - look here - Getting a Unit Started in Scoutbook | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

If they are not registered leaders then they cannot be leaders in Scoutbook which seems like what you are saying in a way


This should already be happening as part of the roster generation for new scouts, or can already be done manually if the parent is not automatically created and linked. Have you looked at the help documents available here under “Setting Up Parents/Guardians”? Getting a Unit Started in Scoutbook | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

I’m not really sure what behaviors you’re asking for here. It sounds like @DonovanMcNeil is correct that you’re looking for access/features that the BSA has designated as only being available to registered scouters. Parents who connect to their accounts can complete the RSVP in Scoutbook by logging in. The RSVP status for all invitees is visible to all event invitees, whether or not they are scouts/scouters. I guess I’m not sure what features exactly you think are missing.

In order to reach the scouts, the parents need to invite the scouts to connect to their accounts. Instructions for doing that are here: Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents (SB) | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

All invitees whose email addresses are correct should receive any announcements sent out. It works just like that for my troop, and worked like that for my pack when I was there several years ago. I occasionally have issues where someone has clicked the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a Scoutbook email intending to click the event RSVP link. Anyone who unsubscribes should show as “No Email” in the Send Message interface. To fix that issue, the individual must follow this process to reset their preferences.


This all works in Scoutbook today, seamlessly. I’m not sure what you’re looking for that isn’t working the way you want/expect it to work.

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