Adding Parent to Leaders

I know for key roles parents need to be paid members to get them on scoutbook leader side.

However I have a parent i want to do our scheduling and that is not a true leadership role but in Scoutbook she will need permission to do that. is there a way to enter her in with more roles then just a parent so she can do the pack calendar and set up events?


There is no way to do that - she would need to register


OK thanks… That might be an updated suggestion to provide some flexibility there. With the rates continuing to go up for someone to pay $45 just to update a calendar is a bit much

Thanks as always for the fast reply

That will not change we do not think - that restriction to only registered adults came from lawyers

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I expect the restrictions on non-registered adults having contact with Scouts to get stricter going forward. One part of the proposed bankruptcy settlement is that in order to camp with Scouts, even for 1 night, adults must be registered. There is an exception for Cub Scouts camping with parents, but the 72 hour exception for other programs is proposed to be eliminated.


And beyond that you would notbe able to add the roles as they can not be searched for without an active registration.

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