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We have a new Scout, and the parent has not gone through the registration process due to the language barrier. I was able to add the youth to our Troop with the information provided by the parent, so we have a full profile: first and last name, DOB, school, etc. When i go to Edit Profile I am unable to add a parent. The profile also does not have the NameOfScout’s Connections, where I would be able to make new connections for the Scout. It just seems odd that I am now the only connection for the Scout and the only person with access to his full profile.

@WarrenWilczewski - how exactly did you add the scout? Was an application for this scout submitted to council ?

I pressed the “Add Scout” button at the bottom of the roster, and went through the process. The mother tried registering him, but made a mistake and created a my.scouting account with his name and birthdate but did not create one for herself. So here again there is no way now to link her to him. He has a Scoutbook ID now in Scoutbook that I created, 13685247, and then he has a my.Scouting BSA ID 140893258. These are not linked to each other, and not to the parent. The parent’s email and phone number are in the Scouts my.Scouting registration.

@WarrenWilczewski the scout still needs to be officially registered

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@WarrenWilczewski - that is really not the recommended method as the scout is NOT OFFICIALLY registered nor paid. You must follow the correct process of either online application or paper application. In this action you have created a dupe scout issue that will require some back end fixing.

Thank you for the feedback Stephen. It is hard to know that this is not a recommended process because there are no flags during the registration and it really goes in without issues. The fact that the button is right there at the bottom suggested to me that this was going to be an easy process.
It seems like you guys did do some fixing on the back end because I see his BSA ID now in the ScoutBook profile. This is so great! Thank you!
We’ll guide his mom through the registration process and then I’ll establish the connection. Really, thank you for helping out with this. Last time we did this we needed a translator (the boy speaks Engilsh well, his mom not so much) so it’s not something we can do over the phone.

@WarrenWilczewski - but is that scout on the roster at ? That is your official BSA roster.


No one did anything with his accounts. The automated process that updates Scoutbook from the data in was able to locate the account you created and added the BSA Member ID. Fortunately his name and DOB matched to allow the system to do this.

I suspect if you look at this Scout on your Scoutbook roster you will see a :warning: indicating he is not on your official roster. You will not be able to approve any advancement for him until he is registered and the :warning: goes away.

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You are right. @Stephen_Hornak it is great that the system can match the Scout’s SB profile with his BSA ID. @edavignon there is indeed the alert icon next to his name and he is not on our Troop’s roster in my.scouting.

So does all this still hinge on his mom signing up and taking ownership of his account? Will she be able to take control and push it through? And will she be able to do this all from her account (with our help) or will I need to establish a connection between them in SB?


If you council accepts online apps, the mother will need to create her own account then register her son. I suggest contacting your Council for assistance so that everything is done properly.

Got it. We’ll do that. Thank you again.

@WarrenWilczewski - the process of joining scouting is either via a paper application or via online applications. The online application must sanction by council, the Charter Partner and enabled in

It would seem that you are not very familiar with the joining process so having the conversation with council about how one joins scouting will help.

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