Parents can't set RSVP directly in Scoutbook

We have just started rolling out Scoutbook to the parents and two of them have brought it to our attention that they cannot set RSVP status for their scout(s) directly from Scoutbook by clicking on the event. They can set their own, but not for their scouts.

I’ve verified their scouts are connected to them. Not sure what else I should check.

While poking around I went into Messages > Send Message, and oddly while they appear in the Parents section, the name of their scouts do not appear under their names as they do for myself and a few other leaders.

It’s almost like they’re not fully connected. Any ideas?

Lenny Toscano

Try going to the parent’s connection and clicking Update. We have seen cases where the connection appears to be correct in the user interface but is corrupted in the database. Refreshing the connections this way seems to help.


That worked perfectly!

Thank you!

Ed: is this recorded as a bug? We had this same thing and you had to spend the time to give us the same advice.


This has been reported.

Thank you for recommending this @edavignon! I was having the same trouble as @LeonardToscano, and clicking update at the parent’s connection did the trick.

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