Parents unable to connect to scout in Scoutbook App

Good afternoon,
A few weeks back I got a bit of help here in merging a group of duplicate SB ID’s. Our Scoutbook is all cleaned up now thanks to the help I was able to get here. One unintended consequence is that all the scouts who had duplicates are no longer accessible by the parents through the app. I also had another parent attempt to connect for the first time right before the merge, and she was not able to do so. How do I do this? Is there a way to “reset” it so the parents would have to reregister again? Is there another way?


You could try having the parents clear their Scouting mobile app data.

Connect how?

I will try that. I had a parent try and connect/link their scout to their login so they can see/add advancement, etc. This was when the scout had two SB ID’s (before the merge) and was unsuccessful. Even after the merge, she continued to get the “scouts.errors.undefined” message popup. I am not sure if any errors also occurred for the other parents due to the merge - they were linked to the duplicate (non-national database synced) accounts and have since not been able to log in. We did lose most all advancement records on the merged accounts, if that helps in figuring it out.

Post a BSA # of a Scout that seems to have lost advancements or parents cannot see

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