Duplicate Parent Account not connecting Scoutbook

Hello Folks, I have a parent who could not connect to or see their scout. I found a duplicate parent scoutbook account which I pulled in to connect scout and dad. Dad says he can now see his scout, but cannot update scout’s advancement. The parent is an Eagle Scout that already had a BSA ID which was not given at the time the application was submitted.
Our council registrar says he does not see the original account with the BSA ID that I added in scoutbook and therefore cannot connect him to the scout. Council deleted the incorrect account and says there is no longer a parent connected to the scout.
How do we correct this so parent and scout are connected in my.scouting and scoutbook so that the parent can update advancements?
Could you help me to understand and fix it please? Thank you in advance.
Hope it is not too confusing…

Please post the BSA id’s without names.

137515093 and 119996222

@kimberlycottrell There are a few things going on that are causing issues. First, the parent has a duplicate Scoutbook account with a different last name (Scoutbook has the middle name as the last name).

Second, the parent created a my.scouting account for the Scout using the same e-mail address as the parent, so there are 3 Scoutbook accounts all trying to use the same e-mail. Scoutbook was designed to require each user to have a unique e-mail address. When the parent created the my.scouting account for the Scout, the name did not match exactly, so a second BSA member number was created for the Scout. As a result, a second Scoutbook account was also created.

I will send you a private message.

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