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Password Reset

Hello All,
Need help. I am posting below problem statement on behalf of someone else as she is unable to login to scoutbook.

“Password reset is asking for information which when entered says does not match in the account system and I should contact council. Issue started when scout URL was moved.”

Please help or provide guidance.

Have her go to my.scouting.org and click on the Bot icon image then follow the directions.

This is not helping. my.scouting.org allowed me to change my password, but scoutbook is not accepting the new password until I guess what the system has done with my old one. It has been the same for a while and is now sying it is not correct. Please advise.

I am having the same problem. Beyond frustrating that I can’t get on Scoutbooks to update scouts.

little confused by this - if you reset it in my.scouting you do not need to reset it in Scoutbook - just sign into scoutbook with the new my.scouting.orgt username and password

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