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I’m having difficulty in logging in. I have correct username and password, but still cannot access. When I try to reset password, the email from Boy Scouts never arrives. What might I try?

@MichaelJones20 - let’s start with some basics. Are you a leader ? A scout or a parent ? I gather this is scoutbook login correct? Next thing, please post your BSA ID.

@MichaelJones20 Are you trying to reset your password at my.scouting? There is a chatbot (“Betty”) in the bottom right corner that you can use to reset your password.

ID: 13814567 I am a Parent

I seem to have 2 usernames

I was helping an adult reset their password through my.scouting recently and on their phone, iOS was automatically capitalizing the first letter of their e-mail address which seemed to prevent them from getting the email to reset. I have not tried to repeat it, but the matching used to find the login and send the password reset email seemed to be case sensitive. After consciously changing the first letter to lower case, they received the reset email.

@MichaelJones20 Your name is common enough that I’m struggling to find a 2nd username for you. I am going to send you a private message.

A scout in our unit has forgotten his password and is trying to reset it. He successfully identified his email as his user name but when trying to reset the password the site tries to prompt him for security questions but just spins without ever getting to the questions. To make things more interesting, his mom doesn’t think he ever would have set up security questions in the first place. The scout’s member ID is 126846272. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide.
Ben Groverman

If they go to my.scouting, they should be able to use the chatbot (“Betty”) in the bottom right to bypass the security questions.

Thanks for the help. The scout tried using the bot but it was apparently unable to locate him. Since I’m fairly confident he got his last name, DOB, and Member ID correct, I’m wondering if there is an issue with the zip code since we’re a TAC troop. His mom entered every zip she could think of that might be associated with the account but still no luck. Is there any way you can see what zip is associated with the account? Or possibly just push a temporary reset password link to his email address? Thanks again,
Ben Groverman

Your council should be able to reset the password.

@BenjaminGroverman Address / zip code is not set for this Scout, so that is probably why they had problems. Like Jacob said, please contact your local council for assistance.

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