Past Attendance Data - Missing

So I log onto the IA calendar and look at prior attendance data, going back for years (meetings and events) the data is gone? Why? Where is it? When will we have access to it? How can we maintain the data? PLEASE NOTE: attendance is a big deal to many units, we use to track “being active”, who went camping when to track camping night for merit badges and rank.

We need this fixed BEFORE the switch, not at some undisclosed date and the “it is on the list for developers” is a non-answer. Why need to wait and switch when everything works.

@MarkCorbett - have you run an attendance report?

No, I could do that, but in Scoutbook I can simply click on the date in question and visually see who was there. I should not have to run a report (which is not easy) to check attendance for a single event or a single Scout. We should not lose functionality, but gain it. The statement was made on here in one of the comments that all the current features would be on the new IA calendar. I as a user have no way to know if the data from the report comes from Scoutbook or IA, so I cant answer the question. I do know that if I look at a prior Troop meeting/event in IA there is no way to tell who was or was not there. In Scoutbook I could click on a meeting easily see who was there, that same data is not available, by event in IA. SO, the attendance data is easily accessible for individual events.

@MarkCorbett - I was able to see attendance for one of our meetings in September. I turned on the RSVP and bingo there it is

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