Attendance is not transferring from Scoutbook to IA Calendar

Our troop has faithfully marked attendance for our SB calendar events for years. Now when I look at the synced IA calendar, ALL the invited attendees are showing in the new calendar,instead of those leaders or scouts who were marked as attended (using the stars in SB).

Please advise on how to fix this before its too late. It is not acceptable to just lose access to years of attendance tracking data. thanks!

@VictoriaMorgan - if you click on edit event, then on the right look for the RSVP and expand the Yes, No, Maybe you will see the toggle set to the right for those who were marked as attended.

Ok, yes I can see them that way. Thank you!
Not at all easy to find or see like it was in the SB calendar, but info is there at least.

Now another concern… Is all the data (old and new entries) going to feed into an attendance report?

@VictoriaMorgan - Here is the help page

The old and new calendar use the same database. So, both will be in the attendance report

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