Payment Calculation Issues

In helping units with the recharter process, I’ve seen calculation issues particularly with Scout Life. They have not been consistent and have so far always been in favor of the unit. I’ve also seen other units where the values appear to be correct.

The per unit price for Scout Life should be $15.
I’ve seen the draft recharter package show values where the per-unit price is calculating as $12 as well as where the per-unit price has been $14.666667 (I don’t specifically remember the calculated value of that example). In both cases I’ve seen, it was a Cub unit. Within one draft recharter package, it might have the youth Scout Life right or the adult Scout Life right and they aren’t consistent.

If relevant, these are units with December 31 expirations.

I’ve alerted my council’s professional staff and council commissioner, but keep an eye on those financial calculations and see if they are calculating right for units you are helping.

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Thank you for sharing so we can keep an eye out and report issues.

If you see any more examples of inaccurate calculations, please post here in the forums with the BSA member number of one of the unit’s Key 3. We can pass along to the team that works on Recharter.

The unit that had adult Scout Life calculating as $12 has as part of its key 3 member ID 133027269. 100% confident on this unit.
I’m pretty sure the other unit in question has as part of its key 3 member ID 133222347. There were 3 units seeking help so I’m only 90% confident on this one. This is the one where the youth Scout Life was calculating at about $14.66666.

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