Scout on recharter roster listed as $0.00

On Internet Advancement Recharter, one of the Scout’s total is listed as $0.00 and can’t be edited. How do I fix this?

He’s a recent transfer from another troop. His youth application was processed a few week’s ago by our Council’s registrar and the Scout appears on my troop’s Scoutbook roster as well as the recharter roster. He has not paid for 2022 yet.

The Scout was added to Scoutbook after I initially logged into Internet Advancement Recharter to check that everything was OK with my roster several weeks ago.

The Scout has a small blue icon next to his name on the roster. When I hover it it reads “new.” I have tried to refresh the roster with no luck.

I get the error message “Error. An error occurred while processing the request.” and “Due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files and re-upload them for processing.” However, after reading through the Forum it seems this is common.

I thought that he might be still listed on his previous troop’s roster but the icon for “multiple” (a small blue square with a plus) does not appear by his name.

I’m accessing Internet Advancement Recharter using my user name/ password on a MacBook Pro running iOS 10.15.7 through Chrome 95.0.4638.69.

I’m stumped. Thoughts?

Did he newly register online, in the other troop on October or November? If so, he had to pay for next year and would be $0 at recharter.

Thanks for answering. The Scout that transfered had been with his previous troop for a few years. His troop isn’t rechartering so he transferred to our troop in the beginning of November. He used a paper Youth Application which I submitted to our Council. It was processed and he appears on our Scoutbook roster.

I’m having the EXACT same issue with two of our Scouts listed as $0.00. They both transferred to our troop in November, and I submitted paper Youth Applications to our Council. They both appear on the Scoutbook roster, as well. I’m getting very frustrated… Any luck with any solutions?

Post the BSA number of a Scout who used Paper App that shows $0 please. It might be a window of time issue and they get to scout free LOL

Ok, I have two Scouts showing $0. Here are their BSA numbers:



Thank you

This is similar to the “New” scouts that were mysteriously added to our roster on Friday the 19th.
Are these duplicates? In other words, does the same scout or adult show up on your roster without the “New” icon?

Hi. What do you mean a window of time issue?

Sorry, but I’m not following you. He appears on my Scoutbook roster without a “new” icon but has a “new” icon on the internet rechartering roster. Is the “new” icon the problem? If so, is there a fix?

I am having the same issue with a Venturing Crew. 17 youth and 2 adults from a different crew in our council transferred to our crew in early November when they lost their charter. Their applications were approved in the Application Manager on and they show up fine in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. They did not pay 2022 fees at that time.
In the Recharter Tool, they are flagged as “New” but their fees show up as $0.00, and I am unable to edit these adults’ positions. The edit button on the right is not there. (I need to change from Assoc. Advisor to Advisor, Committee to Assoc Advisor, etc)
I can add the adults to the crew again using Add New Member, and can then edit their position, but they show up as multiples (Unmark as Multiple is unavailable), they are still $0.00 and then there are two copies of each person. I cannot remove the first copy of each person. I get errors with different variations of “PersonID not found” when I try to remove them.

Here are some example Person IDs
adult: 8203672, 13013812
youth: 13745861, 136255853 (there are 15 more of these, which I can provide if needed)

The other youth and adults in the crew work normally. This issue only appears for adutks and youth that were not on the charter at the beginning of the year.

You didn’t explicitly say they show up on the roster in my.scouting. Do they?

@ReighnoldLewis Sorry I wasn’t clear. In most cases my mysterious “New” people are duplicates of people already on my roster:
For example:
(removed screen shot because it contained first and last names)

I was trying to ask if you were seeing the same. Are your “New” people duplicates?
I can’t remove or edit any of these “New” people, most of whom I intended to drop.
So, now my recharter is on hold until someone can sort this out.

Regards, Scott

Yes, they are on the roster in my.scouting. The only place they show up different is in the Recharter section of Internet Advancement.

Hi I am having the same issues with cub scouts and leaders. I do not see a resolution in this thread. Has anyone found one? Thanks

We had three units with this issue. We contacted our council and had them delete our in-progress recharter (reset us back to the beginning) and this seemed to resolve the issue for all three.

Thanks Ladd, Did that mean any removals or position changes you did had to be redone?

According to my Council’s registration team, just on Wed (2 days ago), a fix was released that allowed them to do just as @LaddKettren described. Before that, there was not a way to fix it.

However, if you have already “submitted” and your charter is locked, the council can no longer do the reset . . . so, then it become a manual fix sometime after the charter is finalized and posted (January? February?). For me, unfortunately, I had already submitted . . . so I’ll have to take this route.

In our Council (Lake Erie Council, #440), our team told us to pay just what the Charter shows. Then, when the dust settles sometime later, they will bill us for the scouts that are showing as $0.00 due to being considered “pre-paid”, but were not really.

My Council team told me that any new Scouts entered after approx 11/1 were automatically considered as having paid not just through 12/31, but all of next year . . . even when it was a paper application entered by council (vs. an online application where BSA collected fees directly). And this is what led to (at least in my case) four Scouts showing as Pre-Paid (but were not).

@KevinWoods1 - Yes, after resetting, you are starting over and have to redo anything you might have done previously.

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@KevinWoods1 unfortunately, yes, it means we had to start from square one. I made sure to take screenshots of all we did prior to our council’s registrar resetting it for us.

@LaddKettren- Thank you for sharing about this…it seems to be the same issue we’re having with all our new Scouts and Cubmaster. Once they reset the recharter for you, were you able to submit without issue? Thank you!

@NicolePannucci, yes. Once the reset was completed, we were able to make our edits and submit our recharter.