Payment Log Balance Email - Not Sending

In trying to send out the payment log balance email to our troop, the message doesn’t send and gets stuck on the screen that says: “preparing and sending notices. This may take a long time for large units…”.
We have 39 scouts so I’m not sure if that is considered large or not, but I’ve left it run for over 8 hours and it hasn’t sent. I tried it a couple of different days with the same result. I also tried to clear my history/cookies in case that was an issue, still won’t send. I have been able to send it out before, as recently as early February, so I’m not sure if something has changed since then or if I need to do something different to get it send.

I have no longer been able to access this option, can you explain how/where you were able to find this function?

I know in December they noted a glitch reported and an update was suppose to be coming but there may have been additional issues such as you are reporting that caused them to take this function back down.

@FaithSchaefer I’m not sure what is happening with your unit. I am sending you a PM to get more detailed information.

To see this option, use the Search Payments Log, and search for Current Members Only. At the bottom of the search, you will find the messaging option.

I have looked there but I am not seeing this functionality any longer.

Jennifer Michalowski
(732) 309-5854

@JenniferMichalowski - I just tested my units and choosing current members only there is the Prepare Balance Message box at the bottom of the section Send Payment Log Balance Messages

Jennifer, - do you have the extension installed? When you go to the Search Pack Payments Log, and initiate a search for Current Members Only, do you see Features Assistant Active at the bottom of the page?

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