Payment Log Balance Email - Still Not Sending

I had put this topic out a few weeks ago, but still haven’t been able to get the balance emails for our troop to send out. This is the problem that I am still having:

In trying to send out the payment log balance email to our troop, the message doesn’t send and gets stuck on the screen that says: “preparing and sending notices. This may take a long time for large units…”.
I’ve left it run for over 8 hours and it hasn’t sent. I tried it a couple of different days with the same result. I also tried to clear my history/cookies in case that was an issue, still won’t send. I have been able to send it out before, as recently as early February, so I’m not sure if something has changed since then or if I need to do something different to get it send.

Faith - there must be something unique with you unit or the Scouts in it. I am sending you a DM

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