Payment Log Balance Messaging

I have written before that I have issues with sending Balance Notices out for our Troop from the Search Payment Log feature.
Originally, I was having issues with sending out the balance notice to ALL scouts, but was still able to at least send out the message if I chose to check the “Only Balances Less Than” box and send the Balance Due Notice to those with a balance less than $0.
However, recently I have been unable to send ANY message from this feature - whether it was just the account balance notice or the “balances less than” message.
When I click on the send button, it gets stuck on the screen that says “preparing and sending notices. This may take a long time for larger troops.” even after 12 hours.
Has there been an update or change to the extension in the last couple of months that may have caused the loss of ability to send any messages from this feature? Or, any other ideas as to why I am unable to send those messages? Thank you!

There are a couple of things to check on the front end:

Do you have a connection to all of the scouts? Often, lacking a connection to one or more scouts can cause things to fail in Scoutbook.

Do you have the correct permissions to access the payment logs? According to the help files here:

and here:,

Unit Admins (which should include Unit Key 3/Key 3 Delegates) and Unit Treasurers should have access to the system.

If you are assigned as a Unit Treasurer in Scoutbook, try having a Key 3/Key 3 Delegate/Unit Admin reapprove that position. If you are a Unit Admin, you can reapprove yourself by going to:

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → Unit # → Roster → Your Name

Then, select your Unit Admin role, make sure it’s approved, then save. There’s a longstanding issue where (sometimes) a bit gets flipped behind the scenes and the Unit Admin position, while looking fine, isn’t and needs resetting.

In theory, if you are a Unit Admin, you shouldn’t also need the Unit Treasurer role, and the combination of both might be confusing the system.

This should be resolved now. Scoutbook had a “double” parent connection to a parent which was causing the extension to get stuck. The bad connection has been fixed.

An update to the extension is also in progress in the event other people are experiencing this issue.

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