Payment Log Balance Email - Incorrect Account Amount

I sent out the scout account balance email to our troop yesterday, however I’ve gotten several responses back that the balance amount showing within the emails sent isn’t accurately reflecting what is in the account. I used the pre-generated wording within that function ( The Scout Account for #scout# has a balance of $#amount#.) to populate the email, but some reported that the email shows the amount of $1 or $2 instead of what is really in their account. The link to view the transactions seems to work. Is there something different that I need to be doing in order to get the correct balance amount to populate?

@FaithSchaefer The extension should be extracting the amounts from the results shown on the Search Troop Payment Logs page. Are they showing on that page correctly for the accounts with mismatches?

Also - did you copy yourself on the emails sent so you can verify? The default option is to copy you…

Yes, the amounts listed on the Search Results for Unit Payment Log for Troop are correct. For example, one scout’s account shows the amount of $1,708.37 on that page, but the email that sent had an amount of $1.

The box “Sender Copy” was marked, but I did not receive copies of any of the emails sent. I just checked my Junk email box as well and they were not there either.


Do all of the notes with bad balances have a balance over $1000? I wonder if the comma is causing an issue.

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I have replicated the problem with balances over $1000. It is the comma… I am working on a fix.


This has been fixed in V0.47.0.22.

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