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Payment Log Report Blance is broken

The balance column on the Payment Log Report isn’t totaling correctly. You get to it by going to the individual scout’s page and running reports on the bottom and running the Payment Log Report. From there it redirects you to something that looks like the old internet advancement site and if you select either Detail or Both you’ll generate the report I need. I can’t figure out what it’s trying to total, but I’m very good at addition and I’m confident in my math. :smiley:

Here’s what it should say: Troop 199 General Ledger - Ben Taglia.pdf (46.9 KB)
Here’s what it does say: Troop0199BPaymentLogReport_20210506.pdf (42.3 KB)

The math is correct. Negative numbers are debits and positive numbers are credits.

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An issue with the report has been fixed where it should now show a correct running balance using any sort order. Please try it and let us know.


@JWPlatt Yep, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks for correcting it.

@Christopher.Schuster The sort order was incorrect so it was throwing weird math like:
$0 balance + 118 credited = -22 (on 2/29/2020) AND
$102 balance - 140 owed = -140 balance (on 3/30/2021)

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