Payment Logs Total Balance Inaccurate

The Total Balance value that is shown in the Scouting mobile app does not match what is shown in Scoutbook. I know that the value in Scoutbook is accurate because our treasurer has confirmed that, but I’m trying to figure out why the value in the mobile app is different. I’m concerned that if we have parents using the app they may see the wrong value there and not have an accurate assessment of how much is in their scout’s account. Is it possible that there is something that our treasurer needs to do when entering in transactions to have it show properly on the mobile app?

Example: One of my son’s account shows $905.12 in Scoutbook right now, which is accurate, but the Scouting app shows $1,045.51 for him.

I have asked the developers to investigate.

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I see where the issue is. There is a positive balance of $149.39 in Pack 3777. That needs to be zeroed out, and then will display correctly.

Will work with backend team to only display payment log per unit and not aggregate of payment logs of all units in the Scoutbook mobile app.

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Thanks @RyanLarson!

I didn’t think about that potential connection. For reference, I just checked my other scout’s account balance (who is in Pack 3777) in the app and it shows correctly that his balance is $12.30. That is what is shows in Scoutbook as well.

I checked my Troop 777 scout’s balance in the app and it’s showing $1,076.50 currently, but Scoutbook shows $936.11, which is correct. The difference is $140.39 instead of the $149.39 you mentioned, might have just been a typo. I’m not sure how the $140.39 lines up with the funds in the pack account, but I’m sure the backend team can figure it out! :slight_smile:

Side note: While browsing the app I noticed a separate issue. When I pulled up the payment logs for my scout in the pack and then went back to my scout in the troop and pulled up the payment logs, the payment info for my scout in the pack stayed there and did not update to the scout in the troops info. I had to close the app, go back into it, and then pull up the scout in the troop and go to his payment logs to see the info.

I just checked and it looks like this issue is resolved. Thank you!!

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