Payment Log Report Issues

Noticed several issues with the Payment Log reports.
1) there is no option to generate a “Balance” report. Yes, it will generate, IF you select a secret combination of checkboxes… but that’s not intuitive, nor how we’re told it’s supposed to work (on Feb 22, GaryFeutz of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council, when responding to a question on how to get balances stated “Run the Payment Log report with the “Include Financial Statement” box clicked. That will give you Scout balances.”) If it worked that way at one time, it no longer does. ONLY when both the “Summary” AND “Include Financial Statement” boxes are clicked, does the Balance report appear. Please, just add “Balance” to the list of Generate options.

2) Export to CSV includes duplicate data. When report settings are selected as follows and CSV button is clicked, the output includes the Balance data in the Summary Report section and then duplicates it all again in the Balance Report section.
Report Setting: Date Range = Today, Event Type = All, Generate = Summary checked, Include = All, Sort By = Name, Category; Section By = checked; “Include Financial Statement” = checked

3) Many scouts missing Patrol Name when running reports (using the combination of settings above, or any other combination it seems) only 13 of our total 36 scouts have a patrol name listed next to their name. This is happening on the PDF and the CSV options. Yes, all scouts are assigned to patrols currently. I can’t figure out a rhyme or reason why some have a patrol name and others don’t.

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