Payment Log Report Summary Definition Question

If I run the “payment log report” and I choose detail, it shows the transactions between the dates. Ok, makes sense.

If I choose summary, it only shows the balance between the dates. So, even though Scouts may have a positive or negative balance, if I don’t change the dates, it shows no data. Isn’t that logically wrong? The balance, of today, is what it is, regardless of the dates chosen? Even if I haven’t had any transactions for the last 2 months, may balance today, is my balance today, no?

For example, if I log on to look at my checking account, the balance today is what it is, no matter if I had transactions today or not. At my particular bank, if I look back at transactions, it will show a running balance as I add and subtract money from the account, but the overall balance, is what it is, right now, as of today.

So, I would think that if I went and did not change the dates in the “Payment Log Report”, choose summary, I should see all of the existing Scouts with their “bottom line” as of today. No?

If I choose details and no dates, it should be how it is today.
If I choose summary, it should display what is displayed in each Scouts overview entry - their balance as of today vs. nothing. This is the type of report that the add in displays. To get the summary, to be a true summary, I have to set the year back to 2018 to make sure I get all transactions in the summary. This isn’t right.

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