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Payment Log Reports

Good afternoon,

I used to generate a monthly report for the scouts to see what was in their accounts at a glance. In order to do this I just had to select ALL for the timeframe. One of the recent changes to the payment log reports made it where using the ALL time option now gives me scouts that are no longer in the troop. I believe in the filters there should be an option to only select currently active members.

Thank you.

If you are looking for a report with the Scouts’ current balances, check the Include Financial Statement. It will show scout payment log balances at the “Finish Date” time. So for their current balance, select any Start date and leave the Finish Date as the default of put in today.

Previous Scouts are shown only if:

  • They have a non zero balance
  • They have transactions since the Start Date.

So - if you’ve zeroed out the previous Scout balances, and select a Start date AFTER the date the zeroing out occurred, you won’t see them.

The Balance Report is a nice addition to the “Summary”

Yeah, issue is the scouts with a non zero balance. They aren’t even in scoutbook anymore so no option to zero their accounts and keep them from being on the report.

You can access their accounts via the Search Payment Logs.

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