PayPal charity status

Does anyone have easy steps that they know works for getting their PayPal account updated as a charity?

I believe we can use our church 501c3 status to justify it with them, right?

I’ve read good and bad with dealing with them.


Looks like everywhere is a fee. Anyone have a better option?

You’re probably getting crickets because the BSA has specifically directed that the forums be restricted to discussions of technical software issues, rather than program-related issues. The official answer is to ask questions like this in council (e.g. your UC, DE, or at Roundtable).


There are no free credit card processors that I have ever heard of. There is a cost for the process and convenience. You want free only take Cash or check. Bank Transfers are often free.


@FrankSplain - ACH Processing for card payment will alwsys have a transaction fee as that is how they make their money for existence. The only wsy around that is zelle or other internal bank ACH payments

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Tha is for replies. I wish we would hear more topics like this from bsa. On the unit level we need this help.
Be nice if they can work out a deal with PayPal to allow it for a flat fee. Instead we have to try to operate independent from charter org funds.

@FrankSplain - well since you dont understand banking regulations and laws governing interstate commerce it is a moot point… sorry aint gonna happen without a change in federal banking laws

Beyond thst that the funds of the unit are owned by the charter org… there is therefore no separation

@Stephen_Hornak its not a moot point for packs trying to survive. Most charter reps expect the packs and troops to operate independent. Your reference to the charter owning the funds is irrelavant. It is true but irrelavant in real world running a pack.

If you would kindly take my suggestion and consider it, on a binding agreement between BSA and said processor, they could work out little to no discounted rates just based on the business $ that it would bring the processor. If the fees have to be paid, based on what your reference to interstate commerce etc etc, then it would have to be paid.

Let’s bring each other up, not down, and troll. Thanks.

@FrankSplain - well as I said… you dont really understand how the process works. There are no free credit card processors… just not going to happen

We are pretty far outside of the BSA applications at this point. I’m closing this thread.

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