Pending approval for activities not showing on youth profile

When looking at a scouts profile in IA2, it shows no pending activities, however when clicking on activities, it shows pending. Is there a bug, or am I not doing this right? This whole new process is just too darn confusing, and I consider myself fairly tech savvy.

As CS leaders, will we ever be given ability to approve our own activities? Can we delegate 15+ Key 3 delegates?

I also want to bring attention to this interface quirk. I’m getting notifications of items to approve: image

and under pending items I see a list of hikes I want to review/approve:

But when I click the scout’s name it bring me to the “Pending Approval” tab under the scout’s profile for a split second before going to the “Approved” tab. In order to see the pending items I have to click on HIKES under the Activity Logs to find the ones pending approval.