How do you approve "pending" activities in IA?

I can see a “pending items” tab in the IA roster page. I can click on the scouts with “pending” activities, but it doesn’t give me any choice to approve the activities. I had asked this about a month ago and was told they were working on it. When will I be able to approve these activities?

Thank you

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@LauraCripe - I would gather you are a key 3 delegate and/or Unit Advancement person so perhaps this is your view:

If so, select the items and the approve will be active.

I am the advancement chair for the troop. When I click on their names or do select all, nothing happens. There is no “approve” button that I can see.

@LauraCripe - when you click on the BSA emblem does it present a drop down, and if so what dos it have you listed as ? The other thing I would ask is browser and platform that you are working in ?

IA has crashed? I can no longer log into the site. I pass the initial Login, I am not a robot then I get you have been logged out due to inactivity. And much more from the buggiest software I have ever encountered. I thought BSA was hurting on money why do we have multiple sites all doing the same thing? Fire or have every one from IA move to other sites like Scoutbook and then you may see the user complaints about National Rates increases decrease. Supporting four or more sites for scouting is simply nuts. (training) JTE reporting site for service hours, Scoutbook for advancement, and IA for who knows why they love this horrible piece of abomination of software.

It says troop admin.

Troop Admin is only a position in Scoutbook, not in IA2. You need to be either one of the Key 3 (SM,CC,COR), a Key 3 Delegate designated in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting, or the Unit Advancement Coordinator designated in the OSM at my.scouting to approve activity log entries in IA2.

How do I get that? I am listed as the Advancement Chair on all the paperwork I have submitted. My SM has sent emails asking them to give me the ability to work with my troop. I thought I was all good when a few weeks ago, I could finally log in the scouts’ hiking, camping and service hours. (previously I could not)

One of your Key 3 must log in to and designate you as either a Key 3 Delegate (K3D) or Unit Advancement Coordinator (UAC) in the Organizational Security Manager, as I stated above. The OSM is reached from the left side menu in my.scouting, and is only available to Key 3 or K3D. These designations must be renewed by your Key 3 in my.scouting each time your charter is renewed. It does not automatically occur based on your registered position.

It does not make any sense that the CC and the COR have this ability, but the actual people who work with the scouts on a daily basis and actually input the records and deal with all of this do not. My CC and my COR have no idea what goes on in Scoutbook or this IA. The move to IA has done nothing but stop me from being able to do my job. My SM and I have sent numerous tickets and emails trying to get me set up to be able to do this. It should not be this hard. It is enough to make me want to quit. Good luck getting the CC and COR to do this work.


You’re preaching to the choir on that subject, but the BSA doesn’t consult me before they make/execute their IT plans. I am but a mushroom…

So who do I need to contact so they can fix this? I can’t expect my Key 3 people to have to remember to go in and designate me every year.

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They are the only ones who can. As far as I know, there isn’t another process to get designated as K3D or UAC.

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@LauraCripe - the scoutmaster who is part of the key 3 can do this. It is unit based so nobody besides the key 3 can make that delegation and those expire with the charter on 12/31. I have to ask every year to have that delegation made and have done so for years.

My question, is why can’t the IA system allow all troop admins have this access? The troop admins are the ones who need to have the access to approve things in the IA system. They should have the same access in IA as they do in Scoutbook. The move from Scoutbook to IA has been a big pain. i have tried to be positive. I have tried not to be a complainer on these forums. I have tried to do the right thing and submit tickets etc. But it seems like I am not the only one in this boat. Whoever is working on this needs to allow Admins to be able to do administrative tasks like approve pending items in IA. We should not have to ask the Key 3 to remember to designate us every year. We should not have to lose access to this every year. If Troop Admin is recognized in Scoutbook it should be recognized in IA. This is very frustrating.

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@LauraCripe - there were some questions that remain unanswered. Are you the unit advancement person? Also what browser/os are you working on?

answered above…yes and Chrome. I have tried Explorer after you posed that question, but that didn’t work either. But when I click on the boy scout emblem, it simply says troop admin, not advance. chair.

@LauraCripe - I did not see advancement chair, you stated admin. Very different things. So at any rate the UAC has to be designated every year in by any of the key 3. I have had to make sure of that every recharter. It was not as critical with the old IA as that was a unit id and password. The matrix for approval has the UAC as one who can approve. Could you have the scoutmaster verify that you are in that role in organization security manager.

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Troop admin is a Scoutbook-only term. That designation doesn’t exist in IA2, nor in the Organization Security Manager.

The bottom line is that your SM is the one that has to make sure your access is set correctly after recharter every year. That’s not a new thing, either; it’s just getting more visibility with the new logs moving from Scoutbook to IA2.

Just wanted to chime in on this one and how silly it is that Assistant Scoutmasters aren’t allowed to assist the Scoutmaster with such a task of approving pending items. This must also be something new, unless I am remember incorrectly which is possible, because I remember being able to approve camping activities.

Anyway, just wanted to throw my thoughts into the ring there… if we’re going to have tool to help manage stuff and positions such as “Assistants” then they should be allowed to assist and manage :slight_smile: