Personal Safety Awareness Completion

Is there a way to track or know when a scout has completed the Personal Safety Awareness Training? Since it’s now taking the place of the Cyber Chip, which was previously required for both Digital Technology and Photography, how do we show that a scout has completed the training? I have (2) Scouts that are doing these merit badges on Saturday and one of the prerequisites of the Merit Badge College is to show that they have completed the required training. I can’t find a place to track it other than maybe signing off on it in Scoutbook after they show me a screenshot that they completed it.

Either switch to the new versions of the MB or just mark off the Cyberchip requirement

@MelissaOwens You would need to contact the merit badge counselor(s) and ask what they are looking for.

In Scoutbook, you could just mark off the personal safety awareness training in the merit badge requirements.

The cyber chip part now says “retired 12/31/23”

Any other way to add just the Personal Safety Awareness?