Can't see entries in Notepad & Comments

I have a parent that says she has added photos in the Notepad & Comments section for a bunch of MBs. She can see them but I can’t see them. What am I missing here? TIA

Are you the MBC or a unit-level leader (or both)? I think it might have to do with your connection type to the scout. Can you post what permissions you have in your connection to the scout in My Dashboard → My Connections → Scout’s name? If possible, anonymize any screenshots to remove scout name.

I’m an adult leader with full access to the scout. I can see it on other scouts.

Hrm…that’s weird. Can you post the BSA ID (no name) for the scout you’re having trouble seeing notes on?

I heard back from the parent that her husband can’t see the pictures either. She is going to look into it today. If there is still a problem I will post more information here.

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When posting pics, you also have to leave a comment or it won’t actually post despite no indication to the contrary.

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Thanks. I will let her know. I bet that is the problem.

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