Please add Comments on Rank Requirements in IA Plus

The new IA Plus advancement entry pages does not permit comments for a specific requirement or on the adventure. This is an important feature that our units use extensively to allow parents to put what the Cub did to complete the requirement and make the den leader’s job easier to approve completed requirements. Without this feature it will add undue addition of time on the leaders having to reach out to each parent and Cub Scout to confirm they actually did the requirement as written (because parents just mark things done even if the Cub doesn’t do the requirement as written). This feature is also used on the Troop side so scouts can mark who approved rank requirements so SM and ASMs can quickly approve in IA Plus. Without the comment section it just makes every leaders job that much more difficult and requires more time each week which is not fair.

Please add the comment feature back for requirements in IA+.


Keep in mind, in Cub Scouts, the parent is Akela and decides when the Scout has done his or her best to complete the requirement. The standard is “do your best” which is different than Scouts BSA where the standard is “do the requirement as written”.

I will ask the developers to add comments to the backlog.


That is true for Lion through Bear. Webelos and AOL ranks require den leader approval. I can’t tell you how many times a new parent has marked everything complete the first weekend after they joined (happens every year while people use the App) or has marked something complete and what they did doesn’t even match what was written in the requirement. At the very least having comments makes the parent read the requirement. :joy:

A future request to the developers would also be to link the IA+ requirement to the leader/parent page on for that requirement. That being done for the protect yourself videos and the parent pamphlet was a great addition to the old SB page.

This ability was specifically mentioned in the video (which could lose the music, too loud) but seems to be missing in production.


And just in case the concern is this scout not being in pictured Bear den (I just wanted to mirror the video). Here is the scout’s current rank/den.

Comments are being tested on the Test Server - the user made a poor choice in system they made a video in

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We are being told that comments should be up now. Photo support is not working yet. They want to make some additional improvements on comments next week as well.


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