Taking Attendance

Which adult positions are supposed to have the functionality to take attendance (based on calendar events) and is there a way to give that access to other adults?

Any adult who can edit the calendar can take attendance. That includes the Key 3, any Key 3 Delegates, unit admins, patrol/den admins for those subunits’ respective calendars, and the Unit Secretary.

In addition to adults, certain scouts can take attendance: Scouts Can Take Attendance - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

This article should be updated to reflect that (I believe) scouts with the Calendar Editor functional position can also take attendance.

ETA: I recall there being an abilities matrix in the Scoutbook help wiki somewhere, but I can’t find it just now.

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To be more Scout run, we have our ascribe take attendance with SPL and ASPL as backups.

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Thank you. I was hoping there is a way to just give Calendar access without actually delegating but sounds like that’s not the case.

Make them a secretary in Scoutbook and make sure they have a connection to all scouts.

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