Please merge account profiles, 2

Good morning SUAC,

I have an adult leader who just registered as an ACM. However, he has two MIDs, probably a result of using his nickname as a parent. Please merge these:

  • MID 13877708 ACM
  • MID 13840587 - has some training modules

His two scouts are:

  • MID 13877710
  • MID 13817108

Thank you,

@DougWright ok this is cleaned up - the user needs to just use the username log in - not the email one

Good Day, I have two profiles for the same Scout.140637069 & 140657240. The second one ending in 7240 is not accurate or needed. Please & Thank you.

@Chris_H your first step is to talk to council - those are both registrations - so someone is paying double registrations for this scout. Get that cleaned up first

Ok thanks for the heads up

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