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Please return Adult Service hours, Camping nights, hiking miles

We keep track of our volunteers Service/Camping/hiking. We use this for Order of the Arrow requirements and nonsuch.


Nothing have changed with adult logs. They need to enter them theirselves. You can access the data by doing an export/backup.


Probably why I missed it. I’d like to suggest Scoutbook admins have access to entering those records.

This has been previously requested and is in the backlog. It requires a change to the permissions system so it is not a simple fix. At this time we do not know when or if the BSA will allow adults to enter log data for other adults.

It would be wonderful to have this for hiking and camping. When we hike as a family, having to enter it multiple separate times is maddening. And long term, I can see us not doing this!!!

Sometimes I think to the ‘good ol’ days’ of when TroopMaster auto-entered the nights, miles hiked, etc., just by putting an ‘X’ in one box.

If someone when home early, I just put a number next to their record and everyone’s record updated

It was particularly useful when speaking at an Eagle CoH and talking about the hundreds of miles hiked, and the hundreds of nights camped.

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